Tips on Cleaning Your Makeup Brushes



To invest in quality makeup brushes, but it is not enough simply to buy them. Like everything, makeup brushes can get dirty very quickly, even without the use of a constant. It is important to disinfect your makeup brushes, dirty brushes and applicators not only can you look up any of the messages you are trying to achieve, but at the same time, but it will not affect the spread of acne bacteria and oil on your applicators because the result of your product. This is especially true for people with acne problem.

You do not rush and buy new applicators each week. Stupid and pointless, and time is money. Instead, you try cleaning your applicators Although there are several methods to do at home, we recommend, for example, we are interested in, especially, what was Becca, there is no standard method for a lot of people have tried and loved it.

What do you need?

Flat Plate – preferably, glass, plastic and paper does not help because it absorbs stains.

Anti-bacterial liquid soap, dish soap is highly recommended.

Any brand of extra virgin olive oil is a mixture of oil.


But you will find that there is a relatively simple process, you will need to clean the makeup brushes. Gently clean your brushes and applicators with soap and warm water, extra virgin olive oil is the best way to do (and this is also the easiest we say), this is a little soap and oil and beat both of them pour plates were washed hands with warm water before and after rinsing brushes to maintain a downward angle, and remember to brush the tops (ie, bristles) to clean. Brushes are to dry overnight before they leave again, a better cooling on the baking rack.

Why do you suggest we do?

The Extra virgin olive oil is very important because it helps the state of brushes and bristles to prevent the soap from drying out.

The bristles gently rise to reduce the chances of falling into them, after all efforts to save buying new brushes.

Bread allow cooling air to the car park, through the bristles as a whole, ie, guaranteeing completely dry, and very quickly.

Quite a few, why they are so important, you must begin to wonder treatment and makeup brush. Well, first of all, a more hygienic clean brush. Your skin, and should be, above all, what is covered. This brush is not the best choice for sitting on the shelf 6 months. Secondly, clean makeup brush to apply the detail. Prior to application of the particle, not dirty brush or eye shadow is from the real color Rouge, you will be taking more than usual time to complete the look. In addition, some of the bristles of the brushes speckles block all of these lines can be left visible when you turn on something.

So, wash your makeup brushes, so you can be more comfortable to use.