Swiss Watches for Ladies – You Deserve Owning Yours!

12Beautiful ladies have been appreciated always, for their delicate heart, and softness. In the shadow of time, the beauty of a lady is well captured and designed on the rolex sky dweller replica watches. They not only depicts beautiful patterns, they also have amazing complications on them. How could we resist such a beauty?

Blacpain Billeret 3653-1954L-58B watch
It is developed up ladies’ aesthetics. The softness, noble and terrific class reflects in its case. It has a 36 mm dial,m and the dial is made of mother of pearl, to builds a unique luminous effect. There are two parts here: the hour and minute display are set at the down parts in the Roman numbers, while the moon phase counter is set above the watch. Making you feel the romantic of it. From day 1 to day 31, the date display is set around the outer bezel of the dial and is display through the blue hands. In dynamic, Blacpain Billeret 3653-1954L-58B watch is fitted with a Calibre 2650RL automatic movement, and the patterns of the flower is quite special, making the movement a more sense of female beauty. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can see the automatic rotor that runs in such a amazing way. Being different from the ordinary movement, this movement consists of 302 components with 32 diamonds. It has 65 hours of energy reserve, and that could definitely satisfy the basic need.

Harmony Exhibiting Modernization
Harmony is inspired by the classical works, namely the first chronograph that was produced in 1928. It was a unique watch with graceful and is after by its fans. This was the first Vacheron Constantin watch with golden case and a single button on the movement. What’s more, it has pulsometer scales on the bezel. Pulsometer is a medical equipment that could offer convenience for doctors and nurses to learn the pulse.

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