Cheap Tablets

Due to the increased demand for tablets and smart phones and competition in the technology industry, many leaders manufacture the hi-tech mobile gadgets. There are plenty of cheap tablets available in the market. Needless to worry about the huge cost to invest in hi-tech mobile phones, cheap tablets are available for a few dollars.



A wide range of cheap tablets with different functions and features are available to choose. Obviously, customers will be confused, ‘how to choose the right one?’ When it comes to cheap tablets, price is the first factor, because the majority of the cheap tablets come with versatile features. Next aspect is size of the tablet. Just like the multitude of tablets available, cheap tablets are available in different sizes.

The screen size will not impact the overall cost of the cheap tablets. What screen size you intend to buy?

7 inch tablets, 8 inch tablets, 9 inch tablets, 9.4 inch tablets, 9.7 inch tablets, 10.1 inch tablets, etc are the various screen sizes available in the multitude of cheap tablets. Choose the size according to your needs.

Following are the few cheap tablets available in the consumer market.

Android 4.0 Tablet

If you are more familiar and loved the features of previous versions of Android tablets, say, Android 2.3 and Android 3.0 versions, Android 4.0 is an updated and upgraded version, you will love. Android 4.0 is one of the cheapest tablets available in the consumer market. The best features are brought together with Ice Cream Sandwich Android 4.0 operating system.

Android 4.1 Tablet

The major difference between cheap android tablets is the operating system. Android 4.1 tablets, one of the inexpensive tablets has Jellybean as the OS.  The improved and latest version of Android 4.1 jelly bean tablets provide tempting features. The tablet is designed to enhance the overall user experience. Comparing to the windows Smart Phone or even I Phone, the cheap Android 4.1 tablet provides smooth application, easy to use interface and impeccable visual processing.

Quad Core Tablet

Until early 2012, dual core processors were used in the mobile and smart phones technology. Quad core processor were introduced a year ago and gained huge popularity very soon. Quad core is nothing 4 core processor, which is an updated version of the simply dual core processing unit. Speed and efficiency are two major advantages of quad core tablets. Many leading consumer products manufacturers like Samsung, Apple, etc use Quad core processors. However, tablets with quad core processors are available at a low price for people with limited budget.

The above mentioned are the three types of popular cheap tablets available in the market.