5.5 Inch Android Phone

5.5 inch cell phones
5.5 inch cell phones

Android phones are some of the most popular phones on the market at the present time as there are so many features that people want in their lives. Phones are taking over from other pieces of electronic equipment as they can do so much more than make calls and receive texts. Now you can get a 5.5 inch Android phone that can do the same as a phone, camera and a lot that a lap top can do. No longer would you need to carry round arms full of equipment in order to keep in touch and keep up to date.

The size of screen that you choose really will depend on the use you have for the phone. It is pointless trying to watch a film showing amazing scenery on a 5.5 inch Android phone but if you wanted to read e mails and text messages it will be just what you need. With so many phones and different sized screens there will be one that is suitable for all, and for many the best is the 5.5 inch Android phone.

Since the introduction of Facebook there has been a trend of letting everyone know where you are, who you are with and what you are doing. Most people will not remember what it was like to take a photograph on a camera, finish the film, take it to a developer and wait a few days to get the pictures back. Thanks to a 5.5 inch Android phone, the pictures are out there before the night is over.

If you are in a car you could have sat-nav, but what happens when you are on foot and can’t find where you want to go? The good news is that if you have a 5.5 inch Android phone, you will be able to log onto the internet and find a map of the area. The screen will be big enough for you to read the map and get you where you need to go.

Sports fans may not like missing a home game but when it is not possible to be in the ground then the game could be watched on the 5.5 inch Android phone. It also means that the day’s results can be checked up on as they come through.

The phone that is bought will depend very much upon the use it will receive. Manufacturers are continually changing and upgrading the phones they sell and the screen sizes could go bigger or smaller depending on what the consumer wants, but for now the 5.5 inch Android phone is fine for many.